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More Music Mornings with Danny D

Monday - Friday

The MOST country music in the morning. Period. Listen to the difference, then enjoy more music, less commercials and less talk with More Music Mornings. Featuring Country Music News, our Country Calendar, weather and more. Dan DeWitt was born and raised in Great Falls and has spent the last 25 years programming and announcing radio stations across the state of Montana.

The Gallo Go-Around with Dan Gallo

Monday - Saturday 2p-7p

Dan is topical, timely and relevant, but someone this charming is also quirky and corny. That’s just Dan, friendly, inviting, engaging and entertaining – everything you’d expect from a Hall of Fame broadcaster. Dan is also a military veteran and a father of four.

Power Country

8a & 8p

Power Country with Rich Miller has over 10 years turning country hits! This two-hour weekend country show features “Straight Up Music & Encouragement!” Each week, Rich delivers his “glass half full” attitude, mixed with hit songs, hot new artists, and specialty features. Power Country is produced in the heart of "Music City," Nashville, TN and airs every weekend on radio stations all over America.

Shotgun Shells
In the Spotlight

Real Country Most Wanted

Saturday 8a & 8p Sunday 12p

The Top 10 highest rated and most requested songs of the week. Picked by you! Request and rate your favorites now, just click 'LISTEN LIVE' and rate your favorites as they play or send us a request. Then, tune in while we count them down every weekend.

Central Montana Outdoors

Friday 5:50p
Saturday 8:50a & 8:50p
Sunday 12:50p

Real Country has you plugged into the outdoors with Central Montana Outdoors. Every week Vivica Crowser, the Information and Education Officer with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, checks in to give us an update on life in Montana’s great outdoors.

Country Artist Spotlight

Monday - Friday
9a-2p & 7p-12a

Weekdays at :15 past the hour, Real Country features our Country Spotlight. This :30 - :45 second segment features the biggest and best country music artists telling the stories and history behind the music.

Meet our AI Weather Team

Yes, you read that right, A.I. We are one of the FIRST radio stations in the US (and the first in Montana) using on-air A.I. Weather Technology and we're proud to tell you about our new A.I. Weather Team! Why are we bragging about A.I.? Well, most radio stations air weather that is prerecorded hours and sometimes DAYS in advance; because, as you know, no one is in the studio much anymore these days. We want you to have the most accurate weather information on the radio 24/7 and with the power of A.I. it’s now possible! Our “announcers” were cloned from real people and created with the heart of Great Falls in mind. With the technology A.I. brings, your hourly forecast at the bottom of each hour is now up to the minute accurate, complete with current temperatures direct from the local Great Falls Weather Office and the National Weather Service . They may sound a little quirky, but they’re hard workers and dedicated to you 24/7.

"Michael Cochrane"

Named after Cochrane Dam, Michael was born and raised about 8 miles northeast of Great Falls and enjoys fly fishing and entertaining his grandchildren.

"Linda Rae"

Named after Danny D's mom, she is the only "announcer" not named after one of the falls or dams surrounding Great Falls. Linda is always staying active, despite being semi-retired, and says she can't wait for her next vacation.

"Ryan Colter"

Named after Ryan Dam and Colter Falls. Ryan was born and raised in Great Falls and is quite the adventurer. Ryan's favorite activities include snowboarding with his nieces and nephews in the winter and white water rafting in the summer.

"Christena Morony"

Named after Morony Dam. Christena was born and raised in Great Falls and enjoys swimming in natural springs, walking along the River's Edge Trail and fishing "when it's not too cold".

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